February 28, 2010

Ham and Potato Soup Recipe: Delicious and Frugal

This recipe is one of my favorites, and appears on our menu every other week or so.  It is delicious, simple, and frugal.

To start off get out the crockpot.  Next fill it up with potatoes, celery, onion, ham, water, bullion cubes, salt and pepper.  If you have all day, turn it on low.  If you only have a few hours, put it on high.  You should now have something that looks like this.


Four to eight hours later your house should smell divine, and the potatoes tender.  About a half hour before you would like to serve the soup, get out a small sauce pan,  butter, flour, and milk.  Melt the butter over low heat, and whisk in the flour.  

Next, slowly add the milk to the sauce pan, stirring constantly.  Allow the sauce to cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until it thickens.

Now mix this into the crockpot and cook for 20 minutes.  The soup will be creamy and ready to eat.

I serve this soup in homemade bread bowls.  And top with shredded cheddar, bacon bits, sour cream, and chives.  I'm currently experimenting with different bread bowl recipes, and will post  which are my favorites.  

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