March 31, 2010

Quick and Easy Knit Wash Cloths: Continued

The second of a series of easy knit wash cloths is complete.

Using Paton's Grace yarn, and US size 5 needles cast on 60 stitches.  Knit the first stitch, move the yarn to the front of the work between the needles, purl the second stitch, then move the yarn to the back of the work between the needles.  Repeat this pattern for all stitches to the end of the row.  Flip the work, and repeat the pattern starting with a knit stitch.

This pattern is called single ribbing. 

Continue to work in the single rib pattern until the wash cloth measures six inches in length.  The finished cloth should be a six inch square. 

The fabric will look like stockinette stitch but it will be elastic, and lay flat without any curling. 

** If stitches needed to be added or taken away to obtain a six inch wide square, make sure there is an even number of stitches for the single rib pattern to work out correctly.**

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